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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 29, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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the president defends his s you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the united states. >> the president defending his decision to commit u.s. forces for libyan freedom fighters. how well did he make his case to the american people? >> it is the kind of witness that a prosecutor absolutely wants to use. >> the barry bonds perjury trial gets intimate. what evidence his ex-mistress proves he used steroids. a bay area landmark up to sale. what it will cost you to buy that piece of rock. good evening, i'm ken bass teed a -- >> i'm dana king. the president says the united states took action to stop a massacre. >> but now nato will take the reins in the operation to
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protect the civilians in libya. >> president obama: i said role would be limited and we would not put ground troops into libya and we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end and we would transfer responsibility to our allies and partners. tonight we're fulfilling that pledge. >> pledge. >> from an address to the nation he stated libya would be better off with gaddafi out of power and he'll pursue it through other than military means they are dominated militarilily and politically by the united states. in addition to our nato duties we will provide assistance to the libyan people. we'll safeguard 33 billion- dollar in the assets to help rebuild the country and tomorrow in london the secretary of state will talk with other dim mats about what kind of pressure they can put
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on gaddafi. >> the speech aired here at 4:30 in the afternoon, don knapp shows us that is a tough time to get people's attention. >> reporter: at uc berkeley's free speech cafe president obama was on the big screen tv. but no one was watching. the sound was turned off. out on sprawl plaza students campaigned for campus offices. it's unlikely any had seen the president's speech. the same was the same in the elm wood shopping center in elm wood today. did you hear the president's speech on libya today. >> i didn't, no. >> reporter: but some erat hard opinions that wouldn't be changed. >> no. i think he should not have gotten involved in the first place. >> reporter: you don't care whether he has a speech. >> we have two wars already, we should get out of afghanistan, get out of iraq, stay home, take care of the schools. >> reporter: we did find a few who had heard the speech on
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radio. >> i think he is doing a good job, i think he is trying to reassure people that we have a limited involvement and keep it humanitarian. >> i found myself rolling my eyes a little bit and being like "really," but for the reasons they were talking about invading libya as well. >> reporter: it was not a scientific example but it was surprising so people had watched the speech on a to bic as hot as libya. perhaps there was another explanation. perhaps it was the hour. >> when he does his state of the union speech and the other speeches it is time to accommodate work schedules and that. >> reporter: one person who did watch it was the political analyst joe tuman. what he did well tonight was lay out the timetable for the decisions made and the logic behind them. but one thing he didn't do was lay out a clear and convincing argument for what our specific strategic interest in libya
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outside of keeping people from being mass scored. >> reporter: don knapp, news 5. in japan, the discovery of nuclear 6 contamination outside the plant is growing. they called the attempt to keep it inside deplorable. they are trying to pump out pools of radioactive water before they can restore electricity to the overheat reactors. they spoke with a physicist who says the u.s. can learn some lessons from the japanese crisis. >> you come to the conclusion that somebody like homer simpson is running a nuclear power station. >> reporter: it may sound funny but physicist michic subscription to prevention kaku has degrees to back up his
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saying. >> you see incompetence, low estimates. >> reporter: the doctor was a radio host and a author of the best selling book "physics of the future." >>ed and i think if we see a melt-down it's a melt-down of confidence. it is all coming out the fact they underestimated the importance of a tsunami. >> reporter: he says the lesson of japan is that the relationship between the government and the utility company that runs the planted is simply too cozy. >> i think there is enough blame to go around in the sens that the government took the lead of the utility and the utilities low-bald the estimates, gave rosy assessments of things. >> reporter: and he also believes the accident in japan will change the way american nuclear policy is handled in the future. >> future. >> these nuclear power plants are not designed to handle the big one. they are designed to handle the
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garden variety. >> reporter: but like germany he does not see a large-scale abandonment of nuclear power. and we continue to receive new images of the terrifying force of the march 11 tsunami. check out this video just posted on youtube shows the moment of the impact in the japanese port city of kesanuma northeast of tokyo. cars, trucks, entire buildings swept away, death toll near 11,000 with more than 17,000 people still missing. there was stunning and, at times, graphic testimony in the barry bonds perjury case today from his former mistress. during 6 hours of testimony she described bonds as increasingly angry and, at times, impotent due to steroids. robert liles on why her motives are being called in to question. >> reporter: legal experts say
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federal prosecutors called kimberlay bell to the stand for one explosive reason. >> she is going to provide the jury with her statement talking about mr. bonds' admission about using steroids. now that's big. >> reporter: bell told the jury she slept with bonds since 1994, so by the late '90's, she noticed the shape, size of his testicles were smaller, unusual, different-shaped and that he had trouble main containing an erection. by 2002 bell says bonds developed an awful looking big lump on his left elbow. she testified the former slugger said steroids caused the injury because the tendons grew too fast for the joint to handle. >> approximately there. >> reporter: choking back the tears, bell testified bonds' temper was growing along with his shoe and cap size. one argument led bonds to threaten to cut off my head and leave me in a ditch. she went on to say, before his record-setting home run season in 2001, bonds threatened to cut out my breast implants
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because he paid for them. >> and that's the lynch opinion of that witness. those admissions or those comments would normally be considered hearsay but, because they are statements against interest, they will be admitted and they will be very important to the jury to hear. i think she is definitely a sensational witness. >> reporter: but defense attorney jason clay says sensational does not equal guilty. >> the type of witness you want is somebody who is unbiased and impartial. >> reporter: they say that's what she is, biased and a golddigger, paid $100,000 to pose nude for playboy and address bonds' sexual dysfunction but only after reports of steroid use broke in the media. bonds was her gravy train paying for houses and cars until he ended the relationship. >> if i was the defense that's one of the things i would be arguing to the jury is if this is the best that they have got, then maybe their case isn't as strong as they believe. >> reporter: now you can expect
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bonds' former mistress to continue to be cross-examined tomorrow. who is on the stand next? both jason and jeremy giambi. you will recall they leaked grand jury testimony revealed he had used several different steroids, now what is his connection to bonds? former trainer greg anderson. >> and that continues tomorrow. >> it absolutely does. >> robert, thank you. checking other headlines around the bay area, vacaville police are not sure whether the man wounded by a newspaper bomb yesterday was targeted or whether it was a random attack. the paper was actually on another man's property. that homeowner tells our sister station in sacramento that investigators say the newspaper was older and contained a battery pack and switch. no suspects have been named. the victim who is in his 80s nearly lost a finger. he is in the hospital in serious condition. a former peninsula high school student has been found guilty of trying to kill his teachers for giving him bad
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grades. 18-year-old alexander ushop set off two pipe bombs in 2009 and was carrying more bombs, a sword, and a chain saw when he was arrested. the jury is still deliberating additional charges and then will decide whether he was sane while committing the crimes. and in santa clara today construction began for what the city hopes will be the new home of the 49ers. workers began installing fire hydrants and started environmental testing on the sites next to the great american theme park. the city council approved the roughly $4 million in work last week but the team has not entered into a final agreement with the city. the 49ers still need a financing plan. the city hopes to open a new stadium in 2015. pg&e customers, did you score one of those $25 thank you cards, we'll show you why some think their cash rebates come with strings attached.
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and a hunk of rock in san francisco bay, it could be yours, at a bargain price. and how would you like to be $10,000 richer? what you have to do for this guy in order to cash in. 16 straight days of precipitation right here in the bay area and, now, record warmth. the day we can expect,,,,,,,,,,,
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and-e, for conserving energy well maybe you got one, a prepaid debit card from pg&e for conserving energy this winter. that's a good thing. one pg and e customer contacted us when he noticed a whole bunch of fees in the fine print. they included an account maintenance fee of $3 a month on a card worth 25 bucks. that's a bad thing. and there was even a fee to pay his pg&e bill with that card. >> we are sorry if the, all the
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fine print these cards came with would have confused people. but there is no fees associated with this card. >> pg&e says those charges are standard on citibank charges but they do not apply to all you pg&e customers, the card expires in 6 months. you've heard the joke about a bridge for sale. well there is an island not far from that bridge on the market, right here in the bay area, it's red lock island. they are asking 22 million for it. apparently that's a steal. elizabeth cook shows us what you get for that. >> reporter: how often does somebody walk into the your office and say "i'd like to buy an island today?" >> real estate agent stephen hug be has a one of a kind property he wants to sell. red rock island is the only privately owned island in the san francisco bay and its asking price is $22 million.
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>> scenery, wise it's pretty spectacular, 360 degrees for sure. >> reporter: the small, undeveloped island is just shy of 6 acres and the highest peak is 170 feet above the water. it also touches three counties, marin, contra costa, and san francisco. >> you have to get a permit to do anything so obviously the county is gonna have a say over it and then the public would possibly have a hugh and cry depending on what it is you want to do. >> reporter: a bay area gemologist and businessman named david glick man bought the island back in the 1960s, but his plan to build a hotel orca seen oh went nowhere. >> well they get the island, we have been, you know, sort of with a smile on our face saying you get the island and the mineral rights and blagojevich bragging rights. >> reporter: dig be hopes the owner is more interested in donating than digging.
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>> the simplest would be the person who has big pockets and buy the island and say i'll donate it because the most would come the san francisco bay park association. >> reporter: sandra cook, cbs5. well they are offering up 10,000 bucks to the person who introduces him to his future wife. here he is. his name is chaz. he is about to turn 41. he has made a web site of himself called "hooked on -- or hook chaz up." he likes shell sell silverstein, monkeys, tennis and skateboarding. he considers himself witty and opt miss particular. he is looking for someone who is fun, kind, spontaneous and has a good sense of humor, if you end up emailing him about his future wife the 10 grand is yours. i guess if he marries her it is yours. >> yeah. you can learn how to hook chas
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up. roberta. you're married. >> and you? >> i'm too old for him. >> i think so. 60s, great days, i'm leaving it right there. >> 16 straight days of rain here in the bay area. tomorrow we will have sunshine, you can leave the umbrella at home, this is night time over san francisco, where nobody needs the umbrella. we do have some mainly clear skies but it will turn cloudy with temperatures in the 40s overnight. tomorrow you'll notice a few clouds on the horizon and i'll explain why momentarily. but as you're heading on out the door again you can leave the umbrella at home. here is the deal. just to the north of the bay area now, due to a bulging area of high pressure, sure, there's another storm out there, but it's gonna take the course of that vigorous jet stream. a few of these clouds are gonna over ride our ridge of high pressure and we'll work our way into the tuesday forecasts, we'll call it partly cloudy then, but wait, mid-week on wednesday and thursday, offshore flow resulting in near
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or record high temperatures. santa cruz could actually shatter a record established back in 1900. we'll back up and take it one day at a time. tomorrow partly cloudy. number-wise very similar to today, quite seasonal into the 60s, winds out of the west up to 20 miles per hour, and then here it comes. that warming trend on wednesday and thursday with the record warmth, temperatures all the way to 83 degrees in some neighborhoods but not yours dana. meanwhile it looks like we'll have some pretty cloudy skies, partly cooler friday, we'll introduce that possibility of rain back into the forecast saturday and maybe sunday and monday. misty wrote to me, is it going to rain in clear lake. i gave her a forecast, what did she give me? a picture from clear lake this weekend. yeah, a real pretty eagle there. i got to tell you went to the car wash today. was greeted with applause. >> at a car wash? that means good things for us. >> that's exciting.
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>> i know. the highlight of my day. we'll have answer i question. ever wonder what happens after udoh nate clothes to the , by southwest
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airlines new rapid rewards, unlimited reward seats and no black out dates. >> yeah, if you've ever donated or shopped at good will then you probably had the same question at one point. mike in san francisco wants to know how are the clothes processed, sorted and cleaned before they hit the racks at good will? and that's tonight's good question. it's one of the busiest stores in san francisco and there's nothing new about it. >> clothes, shoes, books, electronics, house wears, and any number of different things. >> michael bon you're knee is the donation manager for good will and oversees the items coming in by truck to the 28 donation sites in california. >> from the trucks, it goes to our several warehouses that we have where the items are sorted by category and whether it's
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good or bad. >> he says items are checked for cleanliness. they don't lawn deer anything here. some of the 700 employees will eventually go through everything and even the old beat-up clothing is used. nothing goes to waste. >> old tennis shoes get recycled. >> what do they turn them into? >> they get turned into the basketball courts. >> everything else ends up getting a price tag out here in one of the 18 stores. computer, coats, jeans, kids clothes, you name it. >> a friend of mine was in last week and found a hugo blast and bought it for $3.49 and was so proud of it. >> that's a steal. >> yeah, right. >> go to and click on connect to send me your good question. >> a trip to the final four, baseball is back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fours in four years..stanford had a chance to do just
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stle gonzaga crowd few basketball players ever have a chance to go to four final fours in four years. stanford had a chance to do just that, but the gonzaga crowd stood in their way. the 11-seeded zags playing just minutes from their campus. many came to see courtney van der sloot who at one point scored 16 consecutive points, they trailed the cardinal by 6 points, lindy la honest knocks in the three ball to take a 9- point lead into the locker room. then gonzaga missed 11 of their first 12 shots to start the second half and stanford ended it. ogwumike down low, she had a team high 23 and her sister chiney put it out of reach, chiney had 18. the cardinal seniors have not missed one in their entire careers. >> it's a funny game, before
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the game i said "history will be made tonight. let's be on the good side of it. >> here we are fourth year going to another final four, it's mind-blowing. >> tomorrow i have to wake up and pinch myself. we're so happy for this team. >> we were fire and ice, definitely on fire today. it actually got to a point where we were telling her to calm down because she was a little bit out of control at some points, it is okay because she was making aggressive moves. >> best pome postgame hands down in this tournament. bruce bochy said that there's less than a 50% chance that brian wilson's oblique will let him play opening day. meanwhile cody will play with a strained calf. >> i'm progressing.? it's something that happens. four or five years ago i would be trying to rush it back as fast as i can. i'm trying to get back as fast as i can but smartly. >> 35,000 showed up to watch them play the giants in the bay
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bridge series. kahne with a two-run single. he was pretty good tonight. aubrey huff pops one over the wall in the fifth off fred anderson. san francisco goes on to win 4- 3 and they'll play game 2 of the bay bridge series tomorrow in oakland. yesterday the uconn women nearly lost to georgetown. their coach starts the top 5. >> there was a point in time where i expected howard cosell to come over and shout in my ear you know. "down goes uconn." >> down goes frazier. down goes frazier. >> holy jesus, like this is the story everybody has been waiting to see. >> stiking of. >> down goes phrasier" the mascot ko's aide a fan who was down for the count. >> how does a basketball player go for a spin? monta 37 points, 13 assist, that one to himself and the warriors won. at number 2 how do you really know pablo lost all that
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weight? because last year he didn't make plays like this. a running catch robbing hideki matsui to win. they advanced to the final four, many questioned whether they should have been at the tournament and this week the richmond airport hung a banner saying "eat crow baby" aimed at vital who said they had no business being in that tournament. look at them now, they are in the final four. we will see how crow tastes. >> i wish they weren't playing butler though. >> yeah, separate them. maybe they both end up in the championship game. >> yeah. >> but look at the bright side. one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what time is it going to be 1:00. >> we're concerned with when it's going to be sunny. >> wednesday, thursday, near record warm temperatures. >> the stanford women are landing at 1:00 a.m.


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